Make the best decisions for your vineyards
year round with insights from every vine.

Cropsy gives your trusted vehicles AI-powered vision

Cropsy's cameras work day and night, rain or shine, while you spray, trim, mow, and more. They can be mounted on tractors, harvesters, ATVs, and robots.

On-board AI analyses every vine with every pass

Profile up to 8,000 vines per hour with precision. Each vine is automatically tagged down to the inch and updated with every pass. Say goodbye to hard drives and massive uploads — access your data within hours.

Insights that add value on day one

Unlock insights with Cropsy’s software platform Osiris™: intuitive dashboards, dynamic maps, and comprehensive reports turn every scan into powerful, actionable decisions for now and the future.

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Benefits of our technology

Maxmize pruning quality

  • Provide feedback to pruners on day one.
  • Achieve target yield with minimal in-season intervention.
  • Avoid heavy shoot thinning due to under-pruning. Prevent yield loss due to over-pruning.

Get yield estimation right

  • Measure every vine accurately to predict which blocks will be over or under yield targets.
  • Inform your grape supply chain months before harvest and get regular updates as harvest approaches.
  • Enable strategic grape wine market decisions months before harvest.

Complete disease control

  • Catch fungal outbreaks from the first leaf.
  • Target eradicants and avoid reactive treatments.
  • Delay protectant applications when pressure is low and weather is good.
  • Send crews to exact rows to fruit drop and hit quality targets.
  • Save costs all year round.

Rogue, replant, and repost

  • Locate missing and dead vines, and send crews to the exact rows for roguing and replanting.
  • Get missing & dead vine counts for nursery orders.
  • Pinpoint replanted vines. Tend to them year-round to maximize survivability.
  • Send crews directly to the exact rows to restake/repost.

Ensure a smooth harvest

  • Remove dead vines before harvest to reduce harvester downtime.
  • Combine Cropsy inflorescence and bunch counts with your own bunch weights for per-row tonnage estimates weeks before harvest.
  • Know precisely when a harvester will fill up, where trucks and gondolas need to be, and how long each block will take to harvest.

Use vehicles you already trust

  • Attaches to one of your existing vineyard vehicles.
  • Works on your VSP or bowed cane and spur pruned vines.
  • Starts as soon as the tractor is running - no operator input required.
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Our Commitment

Founded to address the evolving challenges of modern viticulture, Cropsy stands at the forefront of innovation.

We are building the essential tools for advanced decision-making to navigate the complexities of climate change, regulatory landscapes, labor constraints, and rising operational costs.

We are here to work with industry leaders to create a prosperous future for winegrowing, where tradition and innovation blend harmoniously to redefine excellence in every bottle.

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